Month: July 2017

Two Gorgeous Training Tank Tops for Women

A tank top is a perfect choice for sports top wear during the summer which ideal for layering and can make just about any outfit more unique and casual. The sleeveless design of tank top is helpful with the warm-weather workout so that the wearer can stay cool and fresh. Today, the tank top is available in various style, material, model, and some additional feature. If you love wearing a tank top for your active wear, you need to know more how to layer a tank top and how to choose the right one.

After getting the right tank top to wear for your workout, you need to know which sports bra you should wear to be well-combined with the tank. For you who love showing off your bra straps deliberately, choosing the sports bra will be easy for you. Otherwise, you need to know some helpful tips to keep the sports bras and bra straps invisible. This matter of choosing sports bra won’t be required if you pick a sports tank top with a built-in sports bra. This kind of sports tank top has a sports bra included so that you can wear it quickly. Besides that, choosing the right size of the tank should be your concern, too. The perfect fit tank will give you the ultimate comfort during the workout. That’s why the measurement matter should be taken and compared with a size guide for ease of reference to get the perfect fit.

Along with the need of airy factor of tank top, some manufacturers also add some innovation to the design of the sports tank top. The new design of sports tank is featuring an open back which exposes the wearer’s back. Some design is exposing a wide area of the back, but there are some which are not. If you are one of those tank top lovers who are not comfortable showing off your back, two gorgeous training tank tops for women below might be perfect for you:

1. Training Climachill Tank Top

Training Climachill Tank Top

It is one of training climachill tank top which is designed with curved cutouts. You can stay cool and composed as you push your workout limits by wearing this tank top. This tank is an Adidas by Stella McCartney Training Climachill Tank top which features cutout details for a sleek and sculpted look.  The Climachill helps regulate the temperature as it guides the heat and sweat away from the skin while working out. The design of this tank top allows you to have full arms movements featuring a relaxed build and drop armholes. The slits above the chest and at the side seams add extra ventilation without exposing your back.

2. Aeroknit Boxy Tank Top

Aeroknit Boxy Tank Top

This tank top is suitable for you who needs a workout tank with a relaxed tee for the full range of motion. This boxy, relaxed style of this Adidas workout t-shirt encourages your freedom of movement as you transition through poses or take on rigorous workout sessions. This training tank is made with breathable and moisture-wicking climalite fabric with a feminine curved hem that is longer in the back and features an allover burnout print. This gorgeous tank top is perfect for your active lifestyle wear such as yoga, gym exercise, pilates, etc.